See you soon…

Have just had a wonderful time at craft group, learning how to make folded rose brooches out of old blanket strips.   Sounds weird but looks great,  Lisa who makes them for sale sold heaps at the craft stall in the weekend..

I am off now down to my Mums for three days.  Going to do stuff like wash her house down and paint her deck. Should be fun.  Then we will be off into Wellington to rummage the shops and drink coffee – and see exhibitions of course, I am looking forward to seeing the Yayoi Kusama one in particular at City Gallery.  I may get to catch up with my friend Kate as well.

Thought I would leave you this little video to cheer you up while I am gone, I know you will be so sad, sob, sob, LOL!

Apparently the guy who fell was not hurt, but fancy the camera man just standing there!