The guerilla knitting on Friday went well, in fact it the rain turned to a light drizzle to allow us to cover the Greytown school bell and surrounding trees knitted scrap, flowers, bunting and squares.  The effect was rather jolly/mad and rather wonderful.  Unfortunately I forgot my camera and you’ll just have to imagine it until I can get there Tuesday morning and take some snaps – that is if it hasn’t been scrabbed about with.

The weather wasn’t so kind yesterday however and  it hosed down the entire time. Even though our craft stall was under cover, our stuff was well damp by the end of the day.  Still,  today was a stunner and our stall and the gardens we were in were crowded with happy, summery people from near and far.

It was great to see everyone get together to celebrate the centenary of the Hosking baths/garden in Masterton.  My Gran, who is in her nineties, and my  Aunt Liz from Palmerston North came down and the organizers of the get together had a cake made for Gran to cut as she is the eldest living relative of William Hosking (see my previous post for more info if you want to know what I am talking about).

All in all it’s been a busy weekend and looks like being a busy week as I am listing necklaces on my Etsy site as well as a NZ craft site called Felt.  Then on Tuesday we are off down to Wellington to visit my Mum and do a few garden jobs for her.  Am also looking forward to visiting the newly refurbished City Gallery as they have a show on I am just dying to see.

Granny, with the Master of Ceremonies, about to cut the cake; Aunty Lizz on the left, Phillipa - my birth Mother on the right
Some of William Hosking's direct descendants
New button necklace