To Gu, or not to Gu , is this REALLY a question?

My friend Yvonne posted this video on Facebook.  It is a 1992 video of Severn Suzuki speaking at the Earth Summit in Rio.  I had not seen it before and was so impressed by how well she spoke and of course, the content of the speech.

Noted also is that this summit was seventeen years ago and not a lot has changed in the big, bad world out there.  Which should please Deborah L Carr,  whose comment on the video helps me to understand why not a a lot has changed.

If she wants us to be a socialist state than forget it. We are not ONE WORLD. We in the united states are a free country and we don’t want the dictatorships controling us like she wants. I agree with Bill Alfred in fact she scares me to death. She also needs to understand that the US doesn’t want to fight but the middle East gives us no choice. We are the infidels and they hate us and want to kill us. Read the Koran. Al Gore is making billions of dollars if he pushes this global waming fiasco through. Thats his advantage. and he could care less about the poor people that she’s talking about!!!!!.

You can find out more about Severn Suzuki at this Wiki link.

Winter has finally decided it has practised enough and the sunshine is lapping down again.  I am feeling full of the joys and full of energy.  The pair of us have tidied and cleaned the house and T has been out picking the apricots off our tree before the birds eat them all.  Neither of us has eaten fresh apricots before and I had to try really hard to convince him that they actually were apricots because he reckoned they tasted to good and nothing like the supermarket ones.  I have to agree.  We have plums, apples, and nectarines to come yet –  I’m thinking of becoming a fruitarian  😉

Picture of the Day

A gratuitous shot of one of my most favourite (but rarely eaten, unfortunately) foods.  GU Puddings are THE BEST!!

GU Brownies