Practising for Winter..

The weather is practising for winter, grey, mucky, spitty weather.  It’s ok though, it made it cooler for me in my effort to make my heart explode by climbing up steep hills in the Fensham Reserve.  I then spent the afternoon on the sofa, sorting by colour, the fifty million thousand buttons I have been given.   It has taken ages but was such a necessary job if I am ever going to be able to use them easily.  And thank you Yvonne for giving them to me.

All in all, it’s been a peaceful day.  Watched a d.v.d of Dad’s Army while I did the buttons – what a classic.  My favourite quote today is from Captain Mainwaring – “In the name of the King, I demand to examine your chicken”

I am reading Mr T one of my most favourite books, Laura Ingalls Wilder’s  The Long Winter. I’ve wanted him to read it for a long time because he is an extreme weather fan and this is really a book about extreme weather that’s for sure.  It’s also a fascinating memoir of pioneer America – and quite different reading it as a grown up.  Anyway, T is enjoying it and I am enjoying reading it to him, it is way more of a deep read when you do it out loud.  When we started living together I read him The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy, it took two years.

These are my two Harmony Kingdom figurines which have been given to me.  I love them and look forward to adding to the collection.

Harmony Kingdom meerkats
Harmony Kingdom cats from Treasure Jest series