Exciting Times…

We have nearly enough money to buy my ticket to the UK!!  (Mr T already has one).   We have sold our bed (don’t worry, we have an alternative to sleep on, and it’s not the floor), which means we are just a smidgen off both of us flying on the 31st of May!  Not that I minded so much travelling by myself, but it will be so much better to go together.   Also I would like to be on the flight as our good friends are meeting it.  The ticket needs to be bought as soon as possible to, before they put the price up again, which is what happened when we went to buy it a month back.

Our healthy eating plan is working well and I am feeling a lot better for it.  Am managing to get a walk in most days and today did a big one around Fensham Reserve which took about three-quarters of an hour.  Steep  climb on the first part of the track gets the heart rate up that’s for sure.  In parts the bush is so green it feels like a hallucination.  Even the trunks of the trees are a vivid moss-green.  The dog of course, is in heaven with all the walks, but she isn’t so happy when we go to Fensham as she is not allowed off the leash until we get on to the path home.  There are too many possum traps and poison baits about.

My friend Vicky returned last week from her ten days away at a silent meditation retreat at the Vipassana Centre up near Auckland.  She reports that the experience was one of the best she has ever had as well as one of the hardest.  All I know is that she seems much calmer and serene than she was before she left, and her face looks ironed out.  I was slightly concerned yesterday when I saw her at our craft group,  wondering if aliens had abducted her and put a new, smooth Vicky, in her place. Whatever – I want some of what she’s had, and I am going to try to do the retreat myself before we leave the country.

I enjoyed this little YouTube video – thought you might to.