Yes, It Has Been a Damned Good Day..

It’s been an enjoyable day here in Carterton – in a quiet way of course, too much excitement on a Monday is bad for the digestion – or your posture, I can’t remember which, or –  that might all be crap, don’t pay any attention  that’s my advice  )I think it might be time I went to bed actually(


I have finally gotten around to rationalizing my wardrobe, sorting out all the winter clothes and also the ones that don’t fit properly, or that I never wear.  All into their respective piles  and posted into either the top cupboard above the wardrobe, or the bags for the charity shop.  It will be lovely to be able to see what I have to wear without fossicking and also know that whatever I choose will fit. It also helps me to feel a bit clearer some how and a bit less weighed down.

We walked the dog up to the park, visited the charity shop where I found some new sandals and then walked home in the rain.  Thunderstorms filled the afternoon and lots more of the warm rain.  And no wind – a miracle!

There has been a bit of televising this evening.  I stumbled across some repeats of the ancient (1975) sitcom Barney Miller, which I loved then.  Dated now of course – a bit like me, and men certainly wore tight trousers back in those days, I noticed that straight away.

I rung my friend Yvonne earlier, just to have a quick catch up and make arrangements for a visit tomorrow.  Ended up buying one of her Harmony Kingdom figurines she was selling on Trade Me, while I was on the phone with her.  I will have to pay her off by selling something I think.   I have a bit of a thing for tiny nick-nacks and when I first saw, what I later found out to be, Harmony Kingdom figurines, I fell in love.  Unfortunately I  didn’t have the funds to buy one, but every time I went to that particular shop, which was in Tenby, by the way – two hours away from where we lived, I would gaze at them in covetous drooling style.   Here is a few pics of some that I particularly liked, but they are all pretty cool as far as I am concerned.

Mme Justine

Coup d'etat
S e c r e t s

The 2008 Black Box, “Coup d’etat”, examines the production of foie gras, a well-known French delicacy.

Foie Gras means “Fat Liver”, an apt name as ducks and geese are force fed corn mash until their livers are up to ten times their normal size. In typical Black Box fashion, the tables are turned. Five ducks take revenge by force feeding Master Carver Peter Calvesbert. One of the sacks of corn is labelled “Liverburst” (a play on the name of the German sausage). This can be the unfortunate consequence of force feeding. France consumes 80% of the world’s foie gras, thus the inscription “France” and “80” on the lid. Upon the base are names of countries that have prohibited its production, and “Arny 2012” refers to Mr. Schwarzenegger and his intention to ban foie gras in California by that year. The interior shows a goose working out. Evidently, he is worried about the weight he’s putting on.