Craft and the Cold

The cold is back – not as sharp as before but still… a southerly flow bringing rain and gloom.

I had dressed in long shorts and light shirt this morning, it was so sunshiney out.  Then, just before I was due to go out, the clouds gathered.   I thought to check the internet weather forecast and sure enough – in big red letters across the web page it said – “Take Your Coat Knob Head, It’s Going To Piss Down”, so I did and it did.

I have spent a few hours today, holed up with Vicky in her craft room making stuff. I could live in that room, it would be my idea of heaven. All the craft supplies you could possibly need in a lifetime, a riot of colour and texture. Everything interspersed with Vicky’s own wonderful craft work and wild and beautiful objects she has collected.

Vicky showed me a new technique and I made a fat, velvety, felt bead which I embellished with a bit of glitter thread and strung on a leather thong.  It’s really satisfying to come away  with something you actually like and will wear. I’m going to make some more – you see, no discipline, I’m a hopeless case.  A crafting fool 😉

Fat, velvety, felt bead

Still – it could be worse.