New post, new post, new post, new post…

Ahh, it feels so good to be hitting the new post icon, it’s been a while.

Part of the reason is that my hand and arm have been hurting and I have been trying to cut down on the old internet thing in case it got worse and I had to have something medically done. That would not do.   However, handy-arm is feeling a lot better, so here we go.

At craft group today I made myself a felted pebble bracelet and now I have got the bug so will be making a few more – and necklaces – and a ring and earrings. Will be busy.

This is in addition to making paper plate woven brooches and knitting peggy squares for the guerilla knitting event in Greytown in January (our intended victim is the Town Hall bell). And wire, beaded decorations and any other crafty type thing that I spot and go – ‘That’s neat – I could make that’.    I think a little discipline wouldn’t go amiss and then I wouldn’t end up with so much unfinished.

Paid a visit to the Greytown library today and discovered an old favourite on their sale table. It’s called My Side of the Mountain by Jean George and I must have read it about five times when I was a child. Hopefully it will have held it’s own, like many of my favourite kids books, and will live up to my memories.

Also on the sales table was a slim volume called An Interview with Michelle Magorian. She is one of my most favourite children’s authors (wrote Goodnight Mr Tom) and who I have only just discovered. They are the type of books that I will reread and I still have a couple of hers to find which our library don’t hold. What a treat.

The other treasure I unearthed was entitled The Museum of Kitschy Stitches; A Gallery of Notorious Knits by Stitchy McYarnpants. Described  on the back as “the astonishingly awful collection of the finest knitting and crocheting horrors the twentieth century has to offer”, you can see why I could not resist the sixty cent price tag!

Wouldn't this keep your face toasty - not scary at all, is it?


By the way – don’t get me started on the topic of libraries selling off their books (especially gems like the above), I can feel my feathers starting to ruffle already.


    Wire and bead decoration
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