Bingle Jells…

Tude has taken the dog for a gallop around the bush and I am sitting here trying to digest an enormous brunch. I really should have gone with them but I am running out of time to do the other stuff I had planned like writing this.  The other thing is that it is really hot today and so climbing hills does not seem like such fun. I will walk to the felting course this afternoon as a token gesture and then walk home again, this will help to make me feel slightly virtuous.

Today’s post is on a subject close to my heart – Christmas.  Even though I am a pagan I love it. Actually because I am a pagan I get two celebrations at once. If I am in New Zealand I get to celebrate the Summer Solstice, the longest day, around the 22nd December. Or if I am in the U.K. I get to celebrate Yule, the shortest day. The U.K. is best for celebrating Christmas I think because it is actually cold there. It is appropriate to eat roast dinners, whereas in N.Z it is usually B.B.Q weather. And I even don’t mind that it seems to start earlier each year.  Some of the shop windows in Carterton already have their Christmas trees up.

  • Sparkley Stuff – I love tinsel and decorations. I love visiting other countries near Christmas and seeing the different decorations. I am unable to stick with a theme to decorate trees so mine always look a bit mad.
  • Lights.  I have never decorated the outside of my own house but I love other people to do it. I like to walk or drive around and see what mad decorations have gone up.  When I lived in Swansea I used to walk to work along a hill. One of the houses I passed had the large window of its lounge hard up against the pavement and the people who owned it would decorate the room beautifully.  Every morning I would walk past and they would have lit their fire and switched all the Christmas lights on. I never saw anybody in it. As it was still dark and cold out, it was a wonder to behold and I would give myself a treat and a warm by stopping and gazing in for a minute .  They always had their curtains wide open and no nets so I used to be sure they did it for me and others, trudging along to work.
  • Being around children who still believe in Santa is pretty cool.
  • The peace and good will message.  The world can’t be reminded of  that enough.
  • I have a huge fondness for carols. Possibly because I used to be in a church choir and loved to sing them. Just luuve Bing Crosby’s White Christmas as well.
  • Don’t ya just love holidays – community holidays, where you know pretty much everyone is not working. I like going for a walk on Christmas or Boxing Day and just hearing the hush. And seeing the kids playing with new toys.
  • Presents.  I love them. I just do. Giving and getting, it’s all good.
  • Food and parties – what’s not to like?


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