The Jelly Force Field

Well, the garden got well watered last night and this morning. Pools on the lawns.  I slept in an hour later than usual, owing to the darkness and the steady beat of rain.  Even the dog slept in which was strange – normally she is awake before I want to be and slurping me in the face.

We have just discovered the Greytown Library, so paid it a visit out of curiosity. It has superior magazines than our local, which I took advantage of, even scoring the latest Country Living so that I can look at the pretty pictures and drool over the lovely houses. I also put my name on the list for the new Terry Pratchett book, Unseen Academicals.  Hope it doesn’t take to long.

And then I just ran out of puff really.

There is an interesting symptom of Hypothyroidism which I call The Jelly Force Field. The experience of this is like trying to move through a mass of invisible jelly, every move is an effort – you feel weighed down and sluggish. The jelly insinuates itself into your head so that your brain slows as well.

I did make an effort and went with Tude to walk the dog but was regretting it half way along a route which I normally do without a moments thought.  Bollocks.

Back home to the cozy sofa, mags and tea at hand, to try and regain a bit of energy – so I could write this.

Just a thought – if anyone tells you that we were better off in the ‘good old days’, remember me. Because if it wasn’t for those much maligned (and sometimes with good reason, of course) drug companies with their synthetic thyroxine, I and lots of other people would slowly wind down, like the bunny without the ‘good’ batteries and stop 😉


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