Waa, Waa, Waa, Waa wa wa

I have picked a huge bunch of lavender, roses and jasmine for the vase on the table and am sitting in front of them typing this. The scent is out of this world – almost to much.

The flowers are our reward for weeding the garden today.  I decided to spite my latest test results and damn the torpedoes. I always feel so much better when I can see the results of my labour. And the garden really needed the work – before it got too out of hand.

My Mum helped as well and Tude when he got home, so all is looking tidier.  The urge to get into the garden was helped by the beautiful weather today. No sooner had I put washing out, it was dry. I just love that.

I am less annoyed today regarding the thyroid problem. I was lying in bed this morning feeling sorry for myself when I remembered – it’s not how bad the problem is, it’s how you handle it. So, o.k., I’m going to handle this well.

My husband and my Mother are enjoying a shared pleasure in the lounge – watching Coronation St.  Tude never admits to liking it but as soon as his mother-in-law is about, and Coro is on, he is in there.  I suppose it could be worse – they could both like East Enders :-0

I used to watch Coro when I was a kid, I remember it before there was colour t.v. even. And Ena Sharples was in it. Drinking Milk Stout – whatever the hell that was. As a child I thought it sounded quite nice, sort of like a milk shake or something.  I also liked Elsie Tanners lovely red hair, which is possible now, come to think of it, why I have spent most of my adult life with red hair?

mmm Milk Stout!
They don't make 'em like that anymore 😉

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