Golden Sundays

One of those golden, happy Sundays, when all is right with the world. In other words – I am in a good mood. 🙂

It helps that the weather has sorted itself out and I am able to walk barefoot again.  Not so hot yet that it is compulsory to wear a hat. We took Polly dog for a walk and lay on the grass at the park and watched the clouds cruise past.

I successfully managed to not get slaughtered at last nights party and therefore am not in the midst of a two day hangover.  Our house is clean and all preparations sorted for my Mothers arrival tomorrow, just need to put some roses by her bed.

This morning I had a big sleep in and my lovely Tudor made me breakfast in bed;  Scotch Omelets – invented by my Scottish father when we were kids, they are actually French Toast but with Marmite spread on the bread before dipping in egg.  I tasted my first home grown strawberry today and it was fantasmagorically wonderful.

The weird virus thing that has stalked me lately has eased off today, but I decided that I would stay home from book club anyway and get everything done that I needed to do without rushing. Good decision, I feel rested and looking forward to whatever the rest of the week brings. Hope you are too..

Found this cool little animation I thought you all might like.


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