Days of Pigs and Roses

…and I’m back

Spent the last couple of days visiting my Mum. Which is why I haven’t posted. No broadband connection you see, and as I have said before, dial up does my head in.

Got back on the train in time to have a coffee with my friend Evonne who calls in every Thursday after work. It was a lovely welcome home, as was being met at the station by Tude and then an over excited Polly who acts like she hasn’t seen me for years.

The roses in my garden have bloomed fragrantly and expansively in the 48 hours I have been away and the two tiny aubergines and a chilli that I planted by the back door have just completely disappeared.  It’s all happening…

It has been a year for canine losses – four dogs that I have known have died so far, two –  Bess and Sally in the last week. Very sad, good dogs all.

I’m not sure I could ever live without a dog but it is so hard when they get ill and die, especially when they have to be put down.  At least they have a fairly decent life span though, unlike the pet rats that I have had, that only live for a couple of years. I don’t think I will ever forget sobbing down the phone to the vet as my rat died on my lap. I don’t think the vet will either.

I would really like a miniature pig. I saw an article about them in today’s Guardian They live for up to eighteen years and are seriously cute as well as being intelligent. Trouble is they are £700 – how can you spend so much money purchasing a companion animal when there are so many others desperately needing homes?

They are seriously cute though..


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