Caution – Slow Bend

I have just been to Tai Chi.

I knew three things about Tai Chi before I went.

  1. It is a martial art
  2. The practise is so slow that you would be forgiven for thinking that it is purely for self defence against the Common Sloth.
  3. One of the wonders of my life was watching a Tai Chi master give a demonstration of self-defence. He moved so fast he blurred.

I had heard it is good for you, and that is usually enough to make me avoid. But lately my body has been surprisingly grunchey, a bit sore and snaggerly. Enough to make me think it could do with a bit of gentle exercise – nothing too OTT you understand, we don’t want to get carried away and become healthy, fie!

Tai Chi ticks lots of boxes  for me:

  • I have a friend going (a big bonus)
  • I can walk there. Although I do have a license I avoid driving as much as humanly possible.
  • It is gold coin donation!! Full of good intentions I once joined a gym and paid for a year, knowing full well that I would not get my money back if I did not go. I went twice…
  • Tai Chi is so slow and gentle that it may just trick my brain into thinking that I am not doing any exercise.
  • It is a martial art so if I do by some miracle manage to stick to it, I may just be able to defend myself or someone else if necessary (admittedly this is unlikely).
  • I like that it is the opposite of all the mad, sweaty, lunging, lycra clad, abs of steel bullshit.

My name is Ros and I am a self-sabotage.

I have been trying to go to this class for the last couple of months. And every Monday for the past couple of months I have managed to find some reason why I can’t. I even actually made it one day, in time to find the tutor was off sick, so..

This time I was late – they had already started. I lurked at the door briefly and then tried to slope off , not wanting to interrupt you understand, but got caught by the kind teacher and ushered in.

And it was fine.

I didn’t make a complete tit of myself and fall over my own feet. I loved being outside in the warm air with shoes off on the soft, lush grass. All ten other women were chatty and friendly, with most of them at least a decade older that me, a couple of them in their eighties. I love the names of all the different exercises.

Best of all, I was made to realise that my body really needs this. Even this, what seems like non- exercise took effort and I enjoyed it and felt so calm afterwards.

I will go again.

I think..



4 thoughts on “Caution – Slow Bend

  1. Kate

    Go you good thing. I’m sure loving getting a bit of fitness back and being able to walk ACTUAL distances. Walking is the bestest! xx

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