The Morning After..

Mmmmm,  a good night!

Loads of people turned up for last nights Beltane bash. When I say loads, I actually mean about twenty, so I guess I am getting a bit carried away – whatever. As usual it was a challenge getting around to talk to everyone but I think I managed it (well, maybe not but I think they will forgive me). And the weather turned out beautiful; cold but clear, with an almost full moon, Picture 489couldn’t really have asked for more.

My friend Evonne came around early and helped me make the wreaths for everyone’s heads, it’s a fun thing to do together. We had gathered together all sorts of greenery; roses, lily, lavender, rosemary, daisys, jasmine and tons of ivy. Neither of us are great wreath makers, so some of them looked a bit bonkers – witness my wonderful head gear in the photo!

Picture 472
Green Girls for Beltane

The highlight of the night for me was the amazing bonfire my nephew had built. It was huge and when lit it just went mad, spiralling flames, masses of sparks flying up with a backdrop of towering black trees and a high flying moon.

Picture 476


Picture 474
Beltane fire


Picture 500



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