Fat is Not a Moral Issue

I’ m fat, have been pretty much all of my life, with brief interludes of slimness. The interesting thing in this for me is that apart from one instance when I got so skinny my bones stuck into anything I sat on, I always thought I was fat. And I know now that I wasn’t, certainly not all those years, but I was miserable about it.

Nowadays I feel that I have pretty much got past it.Β  I feel like I am an expert on diets and nutrition, body size and self esteem – and peoples prejudice about fat. The knowledge of prejudice began at a fairly early age – school kids can be pretty shitty. So really I shouldn’t be surprised by anything fat/hate related.

And then I read an account of a person who attended a community ritual celebrating Mabon – one of those beautiful evenings, fire blazing, chanting, decorated altar. This woman is standing in the circle, marvelling at the beauty of it all. Then as the Priestess enters the circle she hears the woman next to her say “Oh my God! She’s fat! Oh My God!

I just don’t know where to go with that.

Anyway, found this little video on the subject from youtube and I liked it – for everyone out there with fat issues – Hurrah For Us!!

Nil carborundum illegitamae

4 thoughts on “Fat is Not a Moral Issue

    1. watchthatcheese

      Thank you for the comment, you have made my day.- My Mother and life have taught that you should not judge a book by it’s cover, it’s a subject I feel very strongly about πŸ™‚ Have a good one!

  1. mandyflyme

    Hi babe.. tis I Mandy
    I have a couple of poems I wrote a while back that sums up how I feel about being a WOAHMAN!… think you might like it πŸ™‚

    Bear Thy Breasts to the Moon


    You are the Earth Mother
    Your breasts are full
    and abundant in rich milk

    You are the Earth Mother
    your belly is soft and yielding
    a cushion for a childs head

    You are the Earth Mother
    your arms and shoulders
    strong from carrying the burdens

    you are the Earth Mother
    your hips are wide
    Fat with giving

    You are the Earth Mother
    your thighs are meaty
    and can hold you proud

    you are the Earth Mother
    Giver of life
    Bringing forth miracles from thy womb

    you are the Earth Mother
    Look into the mirror
    and see why the children adore you

    You are the Earth Mother
    You are She
    and I am Me


    Under the moon use your Woahman power

    Praises to the women
    the healers of the earth
    Praises to the women
    who nurture our future
    Praises to women
    who can embrace all
    Praises to the women
    who never fall
    Under the moon
    feel the woman power
    Praises to yourself
    Oh woman, never cower
    Praises to the moon goddesses
    who have our own tides
    Praises to the woman
    our strength never hides
    Praises to the women
    those who sit alone
    Praise to all women
    sit proud upon your thrones
    Praises to us women
    we are the Earth you know
    Praises to the women
    in peace and love we go
    say this prayer
    us women
    Blessings just for us

    May the moon’s magic light
    shine ever bright on us
    In all women glory
    we hold the earths story
    in our loving hands
    Praises to us
    sacred women’
    beloved so of man.

    So mote it be.

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