Some Things I Know

  1. Crab apple jelly is the easiest preserve to make. I know this because it is the only preserve that I can make.
  2. Occasionally it is worth persevering. When it is worth persevering is any ones guess.
  3. The most interesting things happen when you least expect them. So don’t bother getting dolled up to meet a bloke, he will pretty much always find you when you’ve got food down your front, a spot on your nose, bad hair and swine flu.
  4. Thumbs are very important.
  5. Everything happens for a reason. It’s just that finding out the reason can be incredibly difficult.
  6. Winter is the best season to have Christmas.
  7. The meaning of life is to live it. Or 42.
  8. The purpose of your life is to learn.
  9. You can’t always get what you want, thank the gods.
  10. Chocolate does not give you pimples – also thank the gods.
  11. Sleep is the best invention in the world, and I am about to go and get some
  12. I really, really want there to be parallel universes please.
  13. I am busy tomorrow with volunteering and visitors – blog writing will have to wait till the next day, or the day after. It is a holiday weekend after all, so have fun people. And get some sleep 😉


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