All Good Things…

A bit sad today.

One of my favourite bloggers from A Tidings of Magpies, has decided to call it a day. She is a critical care nurse and has a family and I guess it has got a bit much trying to write as well, and fair enough too, I’m not sure I could do it all.

I really am going to miss her quiet blog, mostly poems and photos – so well chosen. This is the last poem she posted:

Late Harvest by Jeredith Merrin

Time, it is time.
Summer has been
long-stretched-out, full.
Go ahead, Fall:
shrink down the days
and sugar the grapes
for late-harvest wine.

Anyone still unknown
to herself will stay,
probably, that way.
Anyone unlinked by love
will be love-
left-out now—waking,
up and down
up and down,
restless as leaf-bits
and papers in the street.

Picture 136


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