Oh – and I meant to say

Second post for the day – woohoo!

Just that I really enjoyed Katieboo1’s explanatory text of Shakespeare’s Julius Ceasar.

And also her post on Gillian McKeith’s poo exploration. Did you know that if you eat lots of mung beans and other healthy stuff, your poo won’t stink? Who’da thunk it!

See what you miss if you don’t watch reality t.v.? A big pile of crap… Sorry, I had to say that, otherwise I would be fined by the blog police.  Feel free to make any other poo related comments 😉

Katie is in my blog roll if you fancy a giggle.

And of course I can’t resist the opportunity to include my favourite  (read only) excremental character –

Mr Hankey – the Christmas Poo!! (would love to see him and Gillian go head to head)


All Good Things…

A bit sad today.

One of my favourite bloggers from A Tidings of Magpies, has decided to call it a day. She is a critical care nurse and has a family and I guess it has got a bit much trying to write as well, and fair enough too, I’m not sure I could do it all.

I really am going to miss her quiet blog, mostly poems and photos – so well chosen. This is the last poem she posted:

Late Harvest by Jeredith Merrin

Time, it is time.
Summer has been
long-stretched-out, full.
Go ahead, Fall:
shrink down the days
and sugar the grapes
for late-harvest wine.

Anyone still unknown
to herself will stay,
probably, that way.
Anyone unlinked by love
will be love-
left-out now—waking,
up and down
up and down,
restless as leaf-bits
and papers in the street.

Picture 136