No Means No – which part of that don’t you understand?

I have mentioned previously that I had enjoyed Sarah Vine and Tania Kindersley’s book Backwards in High Heels, well this is a link to their blog with a post that I read last night and appreciated, even though the subject is pretty horrific.  Have a read if you are at all interested in the Roman Polanski debacle.

On the same subject New Zealand’s appalling record in dealing with rape cases is discussed in Catriona McClennan’s post Changing the Law on Rape on the Werewolf website. Werewolf is a new pleasure for me (thanks Sue) and well worth the time spent. I particularly liked the article on travelling on foot in New York – what an adventure!

Pretty Pictures

I have a couple of photos that I meant to post some time ago and didn’t get around to it. They are from my Uncle Mike’s tramping trip down the West Coast of the South Island. Just shows how beautiful this country is..