On My Mind

I have been listing a few things on Etsy today. Slowly getting it done, it seems to take ages. But still, a few at a time and it mounts up. I am just getting my head around the idea that it will be Christmas shopping time soon and I should get as many as possible listed in the next month.

It is taking a little bit longer to finish necklaces because I have decided to hand knit the cords as well, instead of buying cotton or leather cord. So it is my own fault.

Several other things on my mind as well today. I have come across a U.K. blog by a book seller living in Hay-on-Wye which is near Hereford. We visited Hay-on-Wye often when we were living over there and fell in love.  There are several reasons for this admiration.

  • It is a very attractive small town – with approximately 30 bookshops. My idea of heaven
  • Most of the bookshops are second hand so I could always afford a book.  (books, mmmmmmmmmm)
  • It has a half ruined castle in the middle of town which is also a book shop.
  • It also boasts some wonderful clothes and shoe shops as well as art and design shops.
  • Great pubs, with really good cider.
  • Yummy food places
  • The town is situated on the river Wye and has incredibly beautiful countryside. As well as the river to walk there is also the wonderfully named Lord Hereford’s Knob in the Black Mountains
  • Although it has quite an English feel to it, the town is actually in Wales. The border runs through it and you can, if you are so inclined, stand on one foot in England and one foot in Wales.
  • It hosts the most wonderful Hay Festival – a book festival which attracts really interesting and often famous authors and speakers. At one festival we heard Simon Sharmer, Richard Dawkins and the Director of the British Museum.
  • It also hosts a Philosophy Festival, which I haven’t visited, but would very much like to!

One day we would like to live there and you never know – that just might happen, i’d love to work in a book shop 😉

Nestled in the Green - Hay on Wye
Nestled in the Green - Hay on Wye