Spring Clean

I am getting rid of stuff. Either selling it on Trade Me, or giving it to the local Salvation Army. I just feel like having a clean out and already have a bin bag full of clothes to go.  Why, oh why, anyone would need ten old tee shirts is beyond me. I really fancy the idea of having a lot less choice in what to wear, and I would like to own a lot less ‘stuff’. I figure it will be good for the soul, or at least simplify my life a bit.

The other thing I have been doing is taking the scissors to any item of clothing that I don’t wear because it has too higher neck line. So basically I have been chopping the neck to the depth I want it and leaving the edges raw. This brutality has meant that I have some new favourite items in my wardrobe, and I am feeling rather pleased with myself.

I may just start on my study next and get rid of all the stuff I have acquired because I have had an urge to start some new type of craft project, and then the urge has worn off.

In viewing news, Tude has put the Rialto Channel on this month because it is only $1. I have already made him book mark Young@Heart, which I have been wanting to see forever, and about which I have heard good reports.  I have also booked Lost in Wonderland – a profile of Bob Moodie, former NZ Police Association head and cross dresser, and a biography documentary of Joni Mitchell – who I love. All I need now is the time to watch them!