One Out Of The Box

Today was one of those utterly wonderful ones that come along now and again. Firstly the weather has cheered up and was chortley and gambolling, with a huge smiley sun like something out of a child’s drawing. Snow is still heaped on the hills though.

Secondly the post bought a parcel from the U.K.  Katy from Katyboo1’s Blog (see my blogroll for link), had warned me she was posting something for my birthday, so I was very excited to receive it.  It turned out to be a cornucopia of craft stuff, buttons, embroidery floss, lace, hankies, doilys and some actual original cabinet cards! I am posting a picture of it all below. Katy – you are a bloody beauty, as they say in this part of the world 😉

Every woman and her dog was out today, getting an airing. Polly got to say good morning to a number of fidos, straining at the leash, as we went for our morning constitutional.  I visited the charity shop and she made a spectacle of herself by carrying on as if I had left her tied to that lamp post for years. So I disappeared into the back room so I couldn’t hear her and had a proper fossick.

My studio is now getting some use. All winter I have been working in the lounge because it was the warmest room. Now I have my own space and have everything set up, even the sewing machine has its own table. It is a long narrow room with shelves the length of one wall and windows all down the other, so is nice and sunny. It was lovely working in there this afternoon.

Parcel Goodies 1
Parcel Goodies 1
Parcel Goodies 2
Parcel Goodies 2

I’m not quite happy with my necklaces yet, so will probably have to wait till Wednesday now to list them on Etsy. I am hoping to get Vicky to model for me because I think they look better on a real person instead of a plastic bust. I am also experimenting with a knitted cord to hold the pendants, instead of a cotton cord. I like the different textures.

Craft group tomorrow morning, Yay!

The view from my seat on the porch today
The view from my seat on the porch today

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