The Wild, The Woolly and The Wine

This is a hurried blog post. Hurried because I am between visitors and the next one is going to stay the night, so I won’t get a chance again.

The visitor who has just left is my cousin Pam. She was on her way home up to the Hawkes Bay and thought she would drop in. Pam is the only member of my extended family that I feel at all close to and that is probably because she is a little wild and woolly like me. And likes a glass of wine or two.

She is sixty four years young now and has travelled all over the world, usually by herself. She visited when we lived in the UK, without telling us she was coming. Just rung me up as it was getting dark, from the Post Office in Pontardawe,  asking for directions to our place. As I lived in Rhydyfro, unpronounceable to 99% of the New Zealand/ world population, and within 10 mins from the P.O. where she was waiting, I thought it best to walk down and rescue her. And buy some wine.

She and her car drove all over the U.K. that summer, from Wales to Scotland to Bournemouth and back to Wales. It wasn’t till she returned to N.Z. that the speeding tickets started arriving.

The next time she visited she bought a push bike and cycled the tow paths. Then she caught the ferry to France and cycled around Holland and Belgium. She came with us on a canal boat trip. When she volunteered to steer she continuously smashed us into the sides and nearly drowned the boat by backing into the fall of water at a lock.

Always cheerful and with a great sense of humor, she will talk to anyone and makes friends wherever she goes. She is pretty much the perfect house guest and travelling companion, especially when you are both drunk and lost in Edinburgh at 1am – and she attempts to keep your spirits up by singing loudly and bravely all through the quiet, suburban streets, while you try to get her to SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Now in New Zealand she has bought herself a 7 metre motor home in which she lives full time, still working as a swimming teacher and pool attendant and spending the rest of the time visiting friends up and down the country.

I am hoping that when we go back to live in the U.K. at some stage – she will still be visiting.

And I hope that when I grow up, I will be just like her.

Pam and my Mum in Edinborough
Pam and my Mum in Edinburgh