They Wouldn’t Let Me Pat Them

Alpaca/Lamas are a lot shy, it turns out. Although they wouldn’t let me pat them, when I went out to visit this morning, they did let me feed them, and the youngest one ate out of my hand.  It was so gentle, I could hardly feel it take the food. They are the most beautiful animals, with huge, dark eyes and lashes like brushes.

My friends Brian and Colleen, who care for the Alpacas, are lovely people. They own an acre and a half of land in the countryside, just out of Carterton.  They say the Alpacas are particularly sensitive creatures and they have seen them ganging up on the cat to stop it attacking birds.

After getting back into town, I went to visit Vicky and play with more image to fabric transfers. Both of us were feeling a little blah, and not like doing a lot, which gave us a good excuse to take it easy and have some chat. We did get a bit done, mind. But I find that when you are in the state where everything you touch seems to either fall apart, fall over, burn, rip or tangle, it is best to stop trying so hard and pretend that none of it matters. In this way you can really piss the Stupid Fairy off, and she will leave off throwing Numbskull Dust at you and go and find someone else to infuriate.

On my way home from Vicky’s, I stopped in to visit my neighbour Annabelle, for more tea and fruit cake. She gave me a bag of dyed silk floss scrap which she couldn’t use and a proper brewing container for the cider, which she had spare. Wasn’t that kind of her? We are so lucky to have such good neighbours.

Here is a little ditty about alpacas that you may not have come across yet. Cos I know that you have been searching all over the place for one!