Cold Enough For You?

Once again the Winter Fairy has farted a blizzard of freezing fartyness at our little part of the world.  It’s enough to make me want to crawl back into my shell and hibernate again.

On the up side, Tude has had a couple of bookings for chimney cleans from people who foolishly thought, like me, that winter was over. I guess you can find good in pretty much everything if you try hard enough. And I have to admit I do love to snuggle in bed and listen to the hail against the window.

Also asparagus is in season and tonight I made risotto with a big pile of it – comfort food. It’s making me hungry again just thinking about it, I might have to get some more. Home made risotto is probably my most favourite food in the entire world, I love the combination of creamy rice, cheese and whatever veg in the fridge. All done in one pot and quickly.

Last evenings book club was well worth going to, so I am glad we braved the weather and tooled off down to Featherston.  Our hostess has a beautiful house and she filled us with lovely snacks and drinks. She had invited a friend along and he turned out to be a really interesting bloke – a film editor who has lived for years in America and has a fascination for Zane Grey and the American West. You can read Richard’s blog at

I am finding life hectic with so many books to read, craft to make, spring garden to weed and plant, blog to write as well as keep up with the odd telly programme. I am meant to be starting a part time, distance computing course next week and I am applying for a job as the coordinator for the Women’s Centre in Masterton. It is twenty hours as week, with good pay, and I would really, really, like to do it.  If I do get it, something will have to give. But don’t worry faithful readers – it will not be the blog!  😉

Sorry this photo is messy but I still love it – love those wild west women!

Another vintage cowgirl
Another vintage cowgirl