Apes, Cold Weather and Staying Up Late

Stayed up very late last night – had a brazier evening with Mike and Sue for my birthday and didn’t get home till 1.30 am. Then Tude had drunk so much coffee he couldn’t sleep so we stayed up even later, watching The Simpsons and drinking cocoa to try and bring him down.

Consequently we are both a bit knackered.

The weather is just perfect for a lazy day. Cold, rainy and windy, really appropriate for snuggling down with Terry Pratchett’s Jingo – such a good book, so clever and once again I had forgotten what happens, it’s been so long.

The only thing disturbing my complete pleasure is the knowledge that in two  hours time I will have to shift myself and get ready for book club. This is a group of friends who gather at someone’s house to talk about and share books, magazines, movies and music they have enjoyed. Whatever anyone takes home of someone elses, they have to bring back the next time and let us know how it was for them.

It’s very informal and held once approx a month. Lots of conversation – some of it veering off and always enjoyable. I know I will have fun once I get there – it’s just the getting there.

Writing about the Disc World novels got me thinking about Orangutans and I found this video