Show Me The Way To Go Home…

I’m tired and I want to go to bed.

And it’s my own fault because I stayed up late last night surfing.  Then I woke up too early and couldn’t go back to sleep.  Oh well, early night tonight.

Craft group today and as usual it was well attended. I got the pieces made for a new necklace that I have an order for, so it was time well spent. Met some new women today as well and talked so hard that by the time I’d walked home my head was spinning.  Then the neighbour who owns those mad guinea fowl, Ann Marie, popped out of her gate for a chat, which was cool cause I havent met her before,  so by the time I got home I needed a wee lie down.

Which I couldn’t have because I had told myself I would list the rest of my felt jewellery on Etsy. So – big breath. And off I went. And I got it done – go take a look if you don’t believe me! The link is at to the side, in my blog roll.

We are having a spring equinox get together on Friday night, even though the actual equinox is tomorrow.  I have got slightly carried away and have lost count of the people I have invited – but what the hell, the more the merrier, right?

I will have to get a short ritual together for the party – something to do with what this season represents – new beginnings, fresh starts,  a little spring cleaning of the spirit perhaps.  I am so hoping that the weather will be all right for it, so that we can have the brazier going and sit outside. Trouble is it is not looking good at the moment.

Please – all reading this, could you put in a request to the universe to supply us with warm, still, dry weather?

Cheers 😉

The Nice Face Universe

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