Go Veg!

The T and I are having a go at being vegetarians again and I am enjoying it. Last night I  made the infamous Nut Roast, this evening I made Celery and Cabbage Casserole – both of these have been successful.The Nut Roast I will confess to being surprised about as it has been the butt of many a joke against vegetarians. But it was damned good.

The reasoning behind this disinclination towards flesh eating are two fold. Firstly, we would like to eat more healthily and secondly, it is a good thing to do for the planet. As an added bonus we save money by not buying meat – this is no small thing on a limited budget. And as a double bonus – during our drive in the country side yesterday, I got to look at lambs and think ‘I’m NOT going to eat you’ Yay!

I have been a vegetarian before, for a couple of years when Tude and I first met and became flat mates. That was a long time ago now though and I have got very much out of the habit.

And actually, I am having a good time looking up all the different things I can cook. Tude unearthed a U.K. cookbook – 1000 Recipes for Vegetarians, so I have a lot to pick and choose from. Methinks he will possibly prise if off me soon so he can have a go.

turkey eat nut roast

2 thoughts on “Go Veg!

  1. greeneyesnz

    Great decision Ros, I could never understand the concept of people going for a Sunday drive, oohing and aahing over the lambs then going home for a lamb roast!!

    1. watchthatcheese

      I know, it is weird huh. I think it is because we don’t have to kill them ourselves, we can disassociate from the whole bloody bit. I would never kill a lamb myself, if I could possibly help it – but I will eat one if some one else kills it for me!

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