Getting this post done a bit earlier today because we are off out to a Quiz Night. It is a fundraiser to help send my friends son as an exchange student to Germany. Should be good fun but I can’t see myself wanting to write a blog post when I get home. 😉

Had a fabulous day at King St Artworks taking part in the Image Transfer Workshop, run by my friend Alison from Agnes Coy. Not only did we learn a really useful technique but we got to enjoy the fellowship of 12-14 women, all sitting round a huge table talking and making lovely stuff. I had an absolutely brilliant time and the only sad aspect was how quickly the day went.

I will now have to figure out a way to raise the money to either get our printer fixed, or buy a new one so that I can make my own transfers at home. I spent some time yesterday trying to get bastard printer to work but it will not agree with me that I have loaded a black ink cartridge into it, fume, fume. I do not think it realises just how close it came to being a small pile of shattered printerey bits. Anyhoo – I’m off now to get dinner sorted before we go out, here is a couple of pics of what I made today. The fabric that I transferred onto is a vintage tea serviette – it’s great to be able to find a use for it, and I will probably sew it onto a cushion.

Picture 253

Picture 256


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