Another Day in Paradise

By Jumbo, I’ve had a good day! I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed myself and there wasn’t even anything particularly special about it. I have got over my exhaustion from the weekend and the weather is balmy.  Outside is full of the scent of all the flowering plants, freesia, magnolia, blossom. It is heavenly. Polly and I stood outside this morning, noses up, just soaking in all the quiet and the good, warm, scented air.

I got a call from Vicky at 8am this morning – all chipper and wanting to know if she could come and pick me up to take me to our craft group.  I was eating breakfast, still in jammies and confused because the group doesnt start till 9.30-10.00. So I had to say no, it was a bit early for me – but wasnt that kind of her?

Our craft group is called the Crafty Latte and is held in the Cafe Bambino in town, about ten minutes walk from my house. Started two years ago by my friend Vicky and Caroline who owns the cafe, it now boasts 15-20 members on a busy day. Caroline is an ex lawyer from the big smoke, who loves good food and creating community get togethers. Vicky is a wonderful artist and a bloody good craft teacher. The group they have organised is free and anyone can join. Once a week we get together and take over part of the cafe and make stuff – knit, felt, wire work, whatever. If you want to learn how to do something, there is pretty much bound to be someone who knows how to do it and will show you.

Today it was my turn to be the learner. I don’t know how to knit and so Vicky got to show me how to knit a cord/tube that I can felt to make necklaces. Much hilarity was had at my expense – just laughing at the apparently rabid concentration on my face, as well as the tongue sticking out.

After that I went round to the Information Centre to drop off the necklace I had made for Cheryl and beg for Friday off so that I can attend the Image to Fabric Transfer workshop.  Got a hellava surprise when Cheryl handed me a postcard of Stonehenge and said it had arrived in the mail for me – very strange.  Turned out that it was from my best UK friends Jules and Kath who were having a tiki tour around and thought to drop me a line – but didn’t know my address, and remembered that I volunteer at Info Center, Yay!

Then Vicky and I did a charity shop cruise and went back to her place where she piled on me lots of wonderful bits and pieces of fabric and buttons and beads and lace and scarves – all resources I might want to use for Fridays workshop.

Went home, walked the dog, hit the supermarket and butcher, made coleslaw and potato salad for dinner as well as mayonnaise. Fed dog, knitted some more tubey thing, read a bit of the Guardian on line, visited Katyboo1’s blog, wrote an email, ate dinner, watched that damned good episode of The Simpsons, ‘Homers Phobia’ with John Waters guest starring and now I am sitting writing this post…

And I’m starting to run out of puff – that is  enough stuff to do in one day. It’s been good but my bed and book are calling.

Hope you’ve all had a good day to.  🙂

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