Swings and Roundabouts

Two days off in a row, huh? What a naughty girl! My friend Yvonne has already given me grief. So back to it.

Quite frankly I was bloody knackered yesterday and the day before so I’m not that bothered. I spent nearly all day Saturday making necklaces, apart from a quick break to walk the dog, and was still going at 8pm that night. Then I was up at 6am the next morning to be setting up the table for my craft stall.

Wow, that market has got big over the years. Granted it was about ten years ago that I last attended, but it has grown like fungus. And it was packed – so packed that when I went for a walk around, I only made it up half the street before the urge to marmalise the hundredth sod who stopped dead in front of me, became to much and I headed back to the safety of my own little stall.

I would like to be able to tell you that I made a killing. That the people loved my necklaces so much that I sold out, or even sold just one. But that, I’m afraid is not the case.  I sold one brooch and took an order for another and had lots of praise, but the readys remained firmly in pockets.

Oh well, if I hadn’t had the market to work towards then I wouldn’t have had so much made. In the next couple of days I am going to list them all on my Etsy site and then stop worrying about them.  Will let you all know when it is done.

What was thoroughly enjoyable about the market day was being with the other women who were on the stalls with me, that and catching up with lots of friends. The weather was absolutely spectacular and of course, it was great seeing all the kids enjoying the fair.

So there we are, that was my weekend. Learnt lots, had a good time and a bit of a disappointing time.

Hope you are all o.k. out in web land – talk to you tomorrow!

Vintage Fish

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