An Elbow Has Not Yet Been Used as a Murder Weapon – Fact

I don’t know what you did last night, but I spent my night trying to use my elbow to beat my husband to death.  He had decided that his symptoms had abated enough that he would be able to share the marital bed again.   Wrong. Even with ear plugs in I could hear the bugger. The whole bed was levitating with the snoring vibration. And he had the cheek to complain that I used strong language as well!

Despite the eventful nights ‘sleep’, it was a great day working at the information centre and I gained a few leads for jobs. Had a couple of interesting gossip sessions with some women pals as well.  The gallery that is attached was having a  community art sale and it was really busy. Heaps of surprisingly good paintings and two hours after it opened they had sold thirty. Then this evening we went off to friends for fish and chips, a couple of wines and more good chat.

It seems to have been a busy day all in all. As well I have had a message that a friend from Tasmania is in town so will have to catch up with her in the weekend.  Tomorrow will be felting and sewing and pricing – just getting it together for the market Sunday. Thank heavens the flu has faded out so I can get it all done.

Deputy mayor Ruth shared this video with me today and maybe you’ve seen it already but its worth watching again.


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