A Bit More Voom..

Feeling a lot better from the dreaded lurgy,  nearly over it in fact – but still could have quite easily been in bed by seven tonight. Didn’t get as much work done on my necklaces as I would have liked today, I am getting there though.

It is my morning volunteering at the information center in town tomorrow. I am a little bit worried about it as it’s only the second day on my own and I just bet that someone will come in an ask me something I won’t know. I do have a huge list of people I can ring and ask stuff and have made friends with the deputy mayor, who is kinda cool, and will probably slope in and help me out. Or I should say cruise in and help me as she is in a wheel chair.

Will start my search for a part time job tomorrow. Moneys tight and I reckon about 15 -20 hours a week ought to do it as well as allow me time to make and sell craft. Trouble is, applying for jobs is one of my least favourite things to do in the entire world, as you will know if you have read my profile page. Wish me luck!

A Nice Day Out for the Whole Family
A Nice Day Out for the Whole Family