Nailed to the Perch

T has downloaded the third series of The IT Crowd. As well as the heinous loss of the BBC iplayer when we left the U.K., we also found out that The IT Crowd wouldn’t be seen here for some time to come. So,  Yay!! Have watched the first programme and it was brilliant. We are great fans of Graham Linehan who wrote it as well as our other top fave TV programmes, Father Ted and Black Books.

Friend Vicky has been to visit and waved her magic fairy dust wand over me. This cheered me up enough to consent to a trip with her down to Greytown and lunch. Even though I am still as snotty as a snotty thing. Vicky is high on Hormone Replacement Therapy, a raw food diet (on which she has lost 6kgs so far) and life,  so she is quite electric to be around. This is very good because I was resembling the parrot in the Monty Python sketch and needed a bit of Voom. All hail to cheerful friends! I very much appreciate them.

I have told Vicky that I will join her in having a craft stall at the Daffodil Day Market in our town this Sunday. This means that I will need to get some work done so that I will have something to sell.

But now – even though it is only 9pm, I am off to bed. T has already gone. This flu is really taking it out of us. Hopefully we will both be better by the end of the week and won’t need nails to keep us on our perch.

How about sharing something good that’s happened to you today