An Elephant is Sitting on my Head

Don’t try doing anything while you have the flu. I beseech you..

No, really, just lie about somewhere, reading or napping or watching dvds – just don’t try doing anything constructive. It will all turn to cactus, pretty much guaranteed.

Unless you have children of course, or a job you just HAVE to go to – then, you’re buggered.

You see, your body has been entered by billions of little alien creatures who are having, what they consider, a wonderful time. Partying on down, getting jiggy with it (whatever that means) and causing you to feel like an elephant is sitting on your head. Get the picture?

And the thing is – you can do shag all about it, because it is a VIRUS alien – you just have to suffer. Your immune system is fighting like a bastard to break up the party and that fight is essentially why you feel so bad. Your concentration will not be 100%.  You will do incredibly stupid things like not checking the dog poo bag for holes before using it. Everything you try to do, from cleaning up the dishes to writing your blog will feel like its being done in slow motion – underwater, but also, crucially , like you are at high altitude – slightly dizzy, breathless and horribly fatigued.

So, if you can – stay at home and rot quietly. By doing this you will lower the misery index of the world markedly.

Here is a little bit of real weirdness that might cheer you up today – full of the bot or not.