Cold Times

Mr T has a cold.

In fact he has a very annoying, very loud cold. In fact he has been sleeping in the spare room because, honestly, this is what he sounds like –  cough, cough, cough, sneeze, sniff, SNIFF, COUGH, COUGH, SNEEZE,SNEEZE,COUGH,SNIFF, COUGH,SNEEZESNIFFCOUGHCOUGHCOUGH!!!!!!!!!

I do not sound very compassionate, but this evening he actually complimented me on my forbearance. Especially after last night when I told him to SHUT UP OR I’D KILL HIM!

I’m such a sweet wife 😉

I did make Beef Bourguignon for dinner tonight though, so that partly makes up for my heartlessness. It’s the first time I have made it and I added orange rind – a very good idea, it turned out, Mr T enjoyed.

Casserole turned out to be appropriate to the weather. We have had a sudden return to winter – a wee blast from the Antarctic, reminding us that it’s still only the beginning of September. I just hope all the new lambs will be o.k.

Thought I’d share this cartoon with you –



5 thoughts on “Cold Times

  1. Julian

    Guess who!!!

    Well actually this is me (kathy) typing but I have finally got the boy an account!!

    So sorry Mr T has a cold hope for both of you he is better soon.

    Actually a nice day here so maybe we have swapped weather!

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