Oh, The Horror!

Cheese hound report

Kind vet is supplying us with medication to try and stop Titch peeing inside. He still thinks that she may have cancer and says that the drugs might not work. We are going to give it a go anyway.  We know that she is possibly on her way out, and both of us feel a bit more calm about it. At least we will have more time with her.

and now for something completely different

If you are looking for something to brighten up your day a little, you couldn’t go far wrong than checking out a website whose subject just makes me go “I wish I’d thought of that”. Because we all have different taste in craft, and some people have A LOT STRANGER taste than you could possible imagine, I would like to introduce to you (if you haven’t already found this masterpiece already), Craftastrophe, http://craftastrophe.net/ a website devoted to some of the more INTERESTING craft offered for sale on line

This is a brooch
This is a brooch

This is from the listing:

A fun and whimsical broach that will add a unique flair to any outfit. Pannies Broaches are made from real fried eggs that are entirely encased in gloss to make them solid and wearable. They do not smell or leak or stain, don’t worry! The edges of the egg curl up, creating a sculptural and unexpected accessory.

What more could a girl want huh?

I also like this one:

It really is like something out of Alien
It really is like something out of Alien

And this one just made my day…

Yes my friends, its a dildo cozy - of the spagetti and meatball variety
Yes my friends, its a dildo cozy - of the spaghetti and meatball variety