Get A Little Action In..

Its going to be Saturday night and we are going out. Not to some mad, roiling night club, I hasten to add, but round to Sue and Mike’s for a brazier evening. This event has been organised because one of their daughters and son in law are home from Sydney for a visit.   (It could turn a bit mad and roiling as we are trying out our home made cider!)

Sue and Mike are some of my best friends and share a fondness for social justice, caring for the planet and all creatures great and small. In addition to this they are convivial drinking buddies and are high up there on that particular list, which is getting smaller the older we all get unfortunately.

I have to say that one of the highlights of my time on this planet was meeting them. And it happened in a rather odd way.

I had just moved to the Wairarapa after a rather sad divorce, and was a art student at the local Polytechnic. Of an evening I was in my studio and looking out the window, spotted a couple  coming up the drive way. Aha! I thought, must be the local religious nuts, Jehovahs/Mormons coming round to see if they can interest me in their particular brand of bollocks spirituality.  Remembering my recently gained assertiveness skills, I decided to open the door and practise upon them 😉  So you can imagine my surprise when the nice lady announced, ” Hello there, you don’t know us but this is your Uncle Mike, your birth fathers brother and I am your Aunty Sue.”   Right…

I have always known that I was adopted and I was contacted by my birth mother when I was in my twenties.  She had let the extended family know where I was living and that is how I ended up with these complete strangers/relations on my doorstep – they just lived around the corner.

I found out later that they had been round to visit friends and, fortified by a few drinks, and happening to be walking past, had decided to drop in on the off chance. So, what do you do? Ask them in for a cup of tea of course.

That was a long time ago now and although my story has taken me to many and varied places, Mike and Sue have remained as the hub of my personal  wheel.

Me and Sue (may have had a drink)
Me and Sue

3 thoughts on “Get A Little Action In..

  1. Sue

    thanks for the lovely inclusion in your blog news..
    amazing how much courage a couple of Christmas gins will develop eh? but that nervous door knocking worked out!

    you have explained that you could only find one photo so it is excused!

  2. Kathy

    Hey sweetie, hope you had a fab evening and that the home made cider was a hit.

    Also hope Titch is doing ok, the boy and I both send our love and big hugs!!!

    1. watchthatcheese

      All well here, Titch to. Evening was great as usual, though it would have been even better if you had been there to!

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