The Cheese Hound Holds Her Own

The hound continues to hold her own, and I continue to poke antibiotics down her throat. We are going to wait until Monday before we make any decisions re further treatment or the big sleep. Still hoping that the pills will work for her. .

In Other News

Feedback on my necklaces from other crafts women who I respect, has meant that prices for my work have just gone up. So there… 🙂

I have signed up for a day workshop on transferring images (photos, etc) onto fabric. I thought it might help me work with the growing collection (thanks most recently to you, Yvonne), of vintage tray cloths, linen napkins, dresser sets and other embroidered linen that I would like to re purpose. I am not a huge fan of sewing, my Mother was to impatient to teach me and lessons at school just led to tears, so I have never learnt.

Now however, I feel the call of the needle and the sewing machine. Maybe that call is just another one of those things that attack you as you get older, that no one ever thinks to warn you about – like the sudden enjoyment of Antiques Roadshow or an aversion to going anywhere during the week after 6pm. Still, it could be worse, I could have taken up collecting Royal Family souvenirs – and actually appeared on Antiques Road Show with them.

My other reason for taking up the needle is that some of my favourite clothes are wearing out. And not being able to find similar, or having the readys to buy them means that I might just have to make them myself.  I think that I am right to feel some trepidation about this, especially knowing my history in the sewing department (I made what was possibly the most appallingly inept pillow case in the history of the world) – but I am up for a challenge. All I have to do now is find some poor fool to show me what to do and I will be away – hopefully.

best dogs

4 thoughts on “The Cheese Hound Holds Her Own

  1. katyboo1

    I made the worst blouse in the history of the world ever. We are sewing sisters in torment. do not despair. I think it will be easier than you imagine. After all, you are going to make things that you like and want to wear. Not something heinous with a fierce needlework teacher standing over your shoulder.

    All the best to the cheesehound.x

  2. watchthatcheese

    Thanks for that, you are probably right. I am not really after becoming famous fashion designer or anything. Just want to make loose trouser type thingys and smock type dressy things, with pockets – got to have pockets.
    Cheesehound is stable so we are cautiously optimistic – thanks for your wishes.

  3. Kathy

    Glad to hear that Tich is still holding on, hoping that the pills will be the right ones for her.

    Brilliant picture though, love it.

    Love you as well, and Mr Tude too of course!

    1. watchthatcheese

      I’M glad to hear you had such a good time last night at the beer fest. LOL!
      Titch seems to get a bit better each day.
      So good to hear from you.

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