a ‘make soup’ kind of day..

I actually felt better after making soup today – amazing. It had been a rather gloomy morning, unwell hound and another pissy little problem that has been niggling away at me for awhile now, contributing.

Titch was a bit perkier, maybe because of the antibiotic jab she had yesterday. The vet did not ring till 3pm with the test results, I was starting to wish that he wouldn’t. His good news was that her liver and kidneys are ok. Unfortunately that means that there is a good possibility that she has cancer. He has given her some more antibiotics, but I have to ring him on Friday to report her condition.

The vets name is Richard – and he’s a really good bloke. Actually seems to REALLY care,  as opposed to really care, if you know what I mean.

So – although I feel like I’ve done feck all today, I have done pretty well under the circumstances, witness –

  • baked two loaves of bread
  • made an orange cake
  • cooked huge pot of veg soup
  • made three necklaces
  • spoke to many and varied people on the phone, mainly re ill cheese hound

The cheese hound herself has kept me company while I made the necklaces, and is still wanting to get up on the window seat but needs a boost. We will miss her very much if she has to go. I am still hoping that she just ate some thing dastardly at the beach and the antibiotics will kill whatever it is and she will get better.

Obviously wasn’t quite all here today though as I managed to cook the orange cake without sugar.  I didn’t notice – even when I licked the spatula clean after pouring it into the pan, probably because the orange was so sweet.  Still is edible though – of course, LOL.

Here are a couple of the arty photos I took at the beach the other day..

Picture 122

Picture 132

Picture 158