Ode To Singing..

Well world, it’s going to be a short one today. Lots to do and my battery is on low.

First off – good news.

  • Yay! going to singing tonight, have a bag of mixed lollies to eat on the way and two sausages sandwich as well! Thank Goddess, I don’t get car sick any more.
  • Bumped into my best crafty friend Vicky at the St Marks jumble sale today and she has a order for another of my necklaces. Super- Yay!!
  • Mr T has picked up another part time job, so we will not be quite so much on the bones of our respective arses any more.  Well done that man!

I need to get on now and felt wool like a mad women, fortunately I can watch telly at the same time so reruns of MASH it is. Hope you’ve had a good day all.  And remember my number one rule for keeping off the dried frog pills- its not what happens to you that’s important, it’s how you choose to handle it.  😉