and then there were two…

I have sold one of my felt necklaces! For actual money! Not given away, not swapped for anything else! And that is enough exclamation marks to be going on with.  Back to the real world and what it also means is that I will have to get off my arse and make some more. I have only two left and need to get a lot more done before the Thorndon Christmas Market in December.

Although I am absolutely crazy about creating handmade stuff,  and over the moon about the renewal in popularity of the crafty, I am very much aware of the almost impossibility of making a living from it. Or even being able to make minimum hourly wage for the time and effort spent.  I think this is mostly because of the cheapness of imported crap in the shops.

I used to let this get me down, but not anymore. I just get a kick out of making things and if people like them that’s superduper. 🙂


One thought on “and then there were two…

  1. Yvonne Davy

    Well done Ros your necklaces are beautiful! Did you know there is a spring Solstice fair at Stonehenge Aotearoa in September? Might be a good idea to try and sell some there

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