What The Hell Happened Yesterday..

I keep meaning to write my posts during the day while I still have a little brain power left but for some reason I end up in the evening, on the sofa, with Mr T trying to watch telly, the dogs asleep on the couch and me suffering a bad case of cotton-wool skull.

So – the good things about yesterday, hummm

  • My friend Dennis rang up and asked if I would like to go to Wellington on Wednesday night, to sing with the Community Choir. A big yes to that! I have only been one night, about a month ago, but it was soooo much fun. Really welcoming people. Would love to go more often but its so far away and you have to drive over a fecking enormous mountain to get there.
  • Walked the dogs in the rain round Henley Lake
  • Visited our friends Alice and Laurie for coffee. Took with us huge bar of fruit and nut and one of my felted necklaces for Alice’s birthday – and she liked it!
Alice's birthday necklace
Alice's birthday necklace

4 thoughts on “What The Hell Happened Yesterday..

  1. Lawrie

    And I confirm, Alice really loved it – well done Rossie. Like the look of the blog BTW. It looks very professional. And well done Mr T for getting another part time job. What is it?

    And a huge thanks for the box of goodies Tud dropped off. The little girls have been swapping bling for days!

    See yer, Bob (and Alice)

  2. watchthatcheese

    Thanks for visiting Bob! Glad the girls liked the stuff – I somehow thought they might. Mr T is helping Mike out for awhile as he has lost his new off-sider.

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