What The Hell Happened Yesterday..

I keep meaning to write my posts during the day while I still have a little brain power left but for some reason I end up in the evening, on the sofa, with Mr T trying to watch telly, the dogs asleep on the couch and me suffering a bad case of cotton-wool skull.

So – the good things about yesterday, hummm

  • My friend Dennis rang up and asked if I would like to go to Wellington on Wednesday night, to sing with the Community Choir. A big yes to that! I have only been one night, about a month ago, but it was soooo much fun. Really welcoming people. Would love to go more often but its so far away and you have to drive over a fecking enormous mountain to get there.
  • Walked the dogs in the rain round Henley Lake
  • Visited our friends Alice and Laurie for coffee. Took with us huge bar of fruit and nut and one of my felted necklaces for Alice’s birthday – and she liked it!
Alice's birthday necklace
Alice's birthday necklace