Good Things – Three

Well – good things about yesterday, let me think..

Its amazing how easy it is to remember the not so good things – I’ll tell you that for nothing. I have always thought of myself as a glass half full kinda person but maybe I’m wrong. I guess I wouldn’t have noticed how much I remember the more murky events of the day if I hadn’t been trying to take note of the warm, fuzzy stuff. I suppose that is the whole point of the exercise though 😉

  • First three hour shift on my own at the town’s Information Centre where I am volunteering. The good thing was that only three people visited and I didn’t make a complete twat of myself by giving any wrong information (not that I am aware of anyway).
  • Dull, grey afternoon so it was good to come home to a lit fire, Fish and Chips for tea and that brilliant episode of Only Fools and Horses where Dell Boy is trying very hard to be a yuppy and falls over in a wine bar AND THEN an excellent episode of Poirot – Death on the Nile. I had seen the movie with Peter Ustinov in it, but it was so long ago that I couldn’t remember who’d dunnit, Yay!

Under the ‘Learn New Things Every Day, Especially if you are a Dickhead and don’t use your Brain Properly category’ , I had seen some lavender body spray for sale at the Info Centre and on the label it suggested spraying a little on your pillow to help have a good nights sleep. Well being broke and also a tight wad, I remembered that I had at home, a small bottle of lavender essential oil. I could use that instead, couldn’t I? So just before bedtime I apply a few drops to my pillow, and then a few more because it didn’t look like enough, and then to the sheet underneath the pillow, and then to the other side of the pillow – just to be on the safe side, you see, so one side didn’t get jealous of the other. The up shot was that I spent most of the night coming round from my coma, thinking I was being asphyxiated by a toilet freshener. ONE DROP IS PLENTY!!! I cannot impress that upon you enough.

Good Things - At least we're not dead
Good Things - At least we're not dead