Hello world!

Well, it is an absolute pearler of a day here at the Pondarosa. Everything a girl could wish for in weather. Not to hot – not to cool. The sky washed out blue with cheerfully plump clouds easing their way across, heading for the hills. Just the perfect day to start a blog. I myself am on the sofa, contemplating yet another cup of tea to beat back the dry horrors from last nights over indulgence.  We had an early start to the winter in this part of the world, normally that would have been ok with me. I thought I was a person who liked the whole winter thing – tons of windy, rainey, coldey days but I am afraid to say that this year the whole thing paled rapidly and I was dreading another couple of months of crappyness.

I think one of the problems is that I really like being outside. There is nothing I love more that sitting outside of an evening, a few friends, a few wines and a blazing brazier.  Actually sitting out in weather – as opposed to passing through from one closed in space to another. Its the pagan in me that’s for sure.  Unfortunately its been rather difficult to talk anyone into having a brazier night when there’s a howling southerly blowing up the back passage so to speak.  Anyway, it looks as though we may have an early start to spring, which is the reason for my perkiness today. I have the Kings Seed catalogue out and am contemplating an even better vege garden than last year. Stuff like that excites me, oh deary dear.